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Su Feng, Ph.D. Student

I earned my bachelor degree in Computer Science from Purdue University in 2014 and master degree in Computer Science from IIT in May 2016. I joined the IIT DBGroup in 2016 Fall.

Research Projects

I am involved in the following research projects:
  • GProM - A database-independent middleware for computing the provenance of queries, updates, and transactions
  • Vizier - A framework for user-friendly and effective data curation.
  • Uncertainty-Annotated Databases - In this project, we develop a practical, yet principled, approach for managing uncertain data.


Through these research projects I am collaborating with:


  1. Uncertainty Annotated Databases - A Lightweight Approach for Approximating Certain Answers
    Su Feng, Aaron Huber, Boris Glavic and Oliver Kennedy
    Proceedings of the 44th International Conference on Management of Data (2019), pp. 1313–1330.
  2. Data Debugging and Exploration with Vizier
    Mike Brachmann, Carlos Bautista, Sonia Castelo, Su Feng, Juliana Freire, Boris Glavic, Oliver Kennedy, Heiko Müller, Rémi Rampin, William Spoth and Ying Yang
    Proceedings of the 44th International Conference on Management of Data (Demonstration Track) (2019), pp. 1877–1880.
  3. GProM - A Swiss Army Knife for Your Provenance Needs
    Bahareh Arab, Su Feng, Boris Glavic, Seokki Lee, Xing Niu and Qitian Zeng
    IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin. 41, 1 (2018) , 51–62.
  4. Debugging Transactions and Tracking their Provenance with Reenactment
    Xing Niu, Boris Glavic, Seokki Lee, Bahareh Arab, Dieter Gawlick, Zhen Hua Liu, Vasudha Krishnaswamy, Su Feng and Xun Zou
    Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment (Demonstration Track). 10, 12 (2017) , 1857–1860.