About Us

STARS Computing Corps is a national non-profit community of regional partnerships dedicated to building and preparing a larger, more diverse national computing workforce for the 21st century.

The students and faculty that compose our team are from Illinois Tech's computer science department. We started with a summer camp for middle school girls with the goal of cultivating a love for computer science. This program quickly grew as we expanded our team and our programs. We continued to expand by building multiple four week afterschool programs about various topics like web development, robotics, and graphic design.

Vida Winans
Faculty Advisor

I have been teaching Computer Science at IIT for 15 years. Being the faculty advisor for the STARS corps has been a very rewarding experience. The STARS students have enriched the summer and Saturday outreach computer programs and enabled the programs to grow. I've enjoyed getting to know the STARS students outside the classroom; STARS has provided the opportunity for me to guide and support students in developing important life skills.


I'm a 5th year Computer Science major on her way to receiving both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree at IIT. I first helped out at the STARS Computer Discovery Camp in the summer of 2016, where I helped introduce PIXLR, a free photo editing software. Since then, I've been involved in the STARS organization on campus and its activities. I enjoy seeing the camp students grow to be better engineers and thinkers.