Dr. Sun, Xian-He

Dr. Xian-He Sun is the director of the Scalable Computing Software (SCS) laboratory at the Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech). He is a University Distinguished Professor and the Ron Hochsprung Endowed Chair of Computer Science and a former department chair (9/2009-8/2014) of the Department of Computer Science at the Illinois Tech. He is an IEEE fellow and a Golden Core member of the IEEE computer science society. His current research interests include parallel and distributed processing, memory and I/O systems, software system for Big Data applications, and performance evaluation and optimization.

Phone Number: (312) 567-5260
E-mail: sun [at] iit [dot] edu

Conference 2021: The 50th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP2021).

Conference 2020: The 2020 IEEE International Conference on High Performance Big Data and Intelligent Systems (HPBD&IS2020).

Workshop: Workshop on Memory Centric High Performance Computing (CMHPC2020).

Paper of the Year: Bridging Storage Semantics using Data Labels and Asynchronous I/O (a short conference version received the Best Paper Award at HPDC2019). Presentation slides can be found at here.

Supporting Paper of the Year: ChronoLog: A Distributed Shared Tiered Log Store with Time-based Data Ordering. Presentation slides can be found at here.

Next Important Thing: HCDA: From Computational Thinking to a Generalized Thinking Paradigm (accepted to appear in CACM).

Student Corner: From Amdahl’s Law to Big Data: A Story of Mathematics and Technology, a presentation for general audience at the Asian Science Camp 2019 (for outstanding high school students and undergraduate students).

Some Invited Talks: on PIM Computer Architectures, on I/O Systems, on Memory Systems and on Artificial Intelligence

Some Media Reports: on the Ron Hochsprung Endowed Chair, on an NSF Grant Award, on ACM HPDC'2019 Best Paper Award, on the NSF Large Grant Award.

CCCF 特邀文章 (in Chinese): 学术的唯美追求

Past Links can be found here (2018), here (2016), here (2014), here (2012) and here (2010)

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