Sponsored Research

  • "ABM Framework for Studying the Adoption of Evolving Diabetes Care Guidelines," Chicago Center for Diabetes Translation Research, University of Chicago, Performance period: 2017. (Current)
  • "Understanding Targets as Complex Adaptive Systems: A Rigorous Computational Framework for Dynamic Composition and Aggregation under Uncertainty," Naval Postgraduate School, Performance Period: 2015 - 2018, Participation: Co-PI, $ 450K.
  • "Cyber Trust and Suspicion", Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Performance period: 2012-2015, Participation: Co-PI, $5.1M
  • "TAME: Tri-Tier Architecture Modeling Environment," Air Force Research Lab - STTR Phase II (via Securboration), Performance Period: 2015, $ 230K.
  • "Modeling the Cloud to Enhance Capabilties for Crises and Catastrophe Management", Office of Naval Research, Department of Defense, Participation: Researcher, $427K
  • "Incorporating Resilience into Dynamic Social Models", Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Participation: Researcher, $450K
  • "TAME: Tri-Tier Architecture Modeling Environment", Air Force Reearch Lab - STTR Phase 1 (via Securboration), Participation: Senior Researcher, $ 33K
  • "Assessment Study for Test and Evaluation of Biometric Systems and their Interoperability with Border Security and Defense Systems," Office of the Secretary Of Defense, Performance period: 2011-2013, Participation: Senior Researcher, $1.44M
  • "Checkpoint Study," U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Period of Performance: 2010-2012, Participation: Co-PI, $500K
  • "Intent Driven Behavioral Modeling of Cross-Border Epidemic Spread", Department of Homeland Security, Performance period: 2010-2012, Participation: Senior Researcher
  • "A Framework for Adversarial Social Networks", Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Participation: Senior Researcher, $825K
  • "Modeling Socio-Cultural Processes in Network Centric Environments", Army High Performance Computing Research Center (US Army), Participation: Co-PI, End Date: Dec.2011
  • "On Effectively Handling Large Volumes of Geospatial Intelligence Information: A Formal Distributed Real-Time Processing Approach", National Geospatial Agency, Period of Performance: 2005-2008, Participation: Graduate student
  • "Formulating a Theoretical Framework for Assessing Network Loads for Effective Deployment in Net-Centric Ops & Warfare", Air Force Office of ScientificResearch, Period of Performance: 2006-2008, Participation: Graduate student

Educational Projects

  • "Homeland Security Scholar's Academy 2010-2012" is a summer internship program organized by the National Center for Border Security Immigration (DHS Center of Excellence) to provide undergraduate students an immersive experience in homeland security related research accompanied by field visits to relevant relevant homeland security organizations on the border. Role: Senior Personnel.Assistanting the PI with program execution, recruitment and training.
  • "DoD STEM Internships 2013" was an initiative to provide DoD Test and Evaluation (T&E) experience for graduate students by placing them at DoD Test organizations. Role: Senior researcher. Duties included selection of qualified students and working with host organization with development of relevant intern projects.