Accepted Papers

Full papers (12)

Anis Bkakria. Robust and Provably Secure Attribute-Based Encryption Supporting Access Revocation and Outsourced Decryption
Jeroen Weener, Florian Hahn and Andreas Peter. Libertas: Backward Private Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption Supporting Wildcards
Bowen Liu and Jianying Zhou. Liberate Your Servers: A Decentralized Content Compliance Validation Protocol
Andrea Milakovic and Rudolf Mayer. Comparing and Combining Defences against Data-Poisoning-based Backdoor Attacks on Neural Networks
Anselme Tueno, David Boehm and Shin Ho Choe. Integrating and Evaluating Quantum-safe TLS in Database Applications
Alexandros Bakas, Antonis Michalas, Eugene Frimpong and Reyhaneh Rabbaninejad. Feel the Quantum Functioning: Instantiating Generic Multi-Input Functional Encryption from Learning with Errors
Stefano Berlato, Umberto Morelli, Roberto Carbone and Silvio Ranise. End-to-End Protection of IoT Communications Through Cryptographic Enforcement of Access Control Policies
Matt Gorbett, Hossein Shirazi and Indrakshi Ray. Local Intrinsic Dimensionality of IoT Networks for Unsupervised Intrusion Detection
Jingzhe Wang and Balaji Palanisamy. Attack-resilient Blockchain-based Decentralized Timed Data release
Shradha Neupane, Faiza Tazi, Upakar Paudel, Freddy Veloz Baez, Merzia Adamjee, Lorenzo De Carli, Sanchari Das and Indrakshi Ray. On the Data Privacy, Security, and Risk Postures of IoT Mobile Companion Apps
Xiaodi Li, Latifur Khan, Mahmoud Zamani, Shamila Wickramasuriya and Kevin Hamlen. MCoM: A Semi-Supervised Method for Imbalanced Tabular Security Data
Ryota Hiraishi, Masatoshi Yoshikawa, Shun Takagi, Yang Cao, Sumio Fujita and Hidehito Gomi. Mitigating Privacy Vulnerability Due to the Map Asymmetry

Short papers (6)

Daniel Bernau, Jonas Robl and Florian Kerschbaum. Assessing Differentially Private Variational Autoencoders under Membership Inference
Markus Hittmeir, Rudolf Mayer and Andreas Ekelhart. Utility and Privacy Assessment of Synthetic Microbiome Data
Stanley Clark, Nikolay Yakovets, George H. L. Fletcher and Nicola Zannone. ReLOG: A Unified Framework for Relationship-Based Access Control over Graph Databases
Andreas Reisser, Manfred Vielberth, Sofia Fohringer and G√ľnther Pernul. Security Operations Center Roles and Skills: A Comparison of Theory and Practice
Khandakar Ashrafi Akbar, Sadaf Md Halim, Yibo Hu, Anoop Singhal, Latifur Khan and Bhavani Thuraisingham. Knowledge Mining in Cybersecurity: From Attack to Defense
Davide Ferraris, Carmen Fernandez-Gago and Javier Lopez. Verification and Validation Methods for a Trust-by-Design Framework for the IoT