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Scalable Computing Software (SCS) laboratory is headed by Professor Xian-He Sun. In broad sense, it is making some significant moves in the computer science research, specifically in the area of parallel and cooperated network processing, including high performance computing, distributed systems, and the newly emerging area of Cloud computing. 


Our main research focus is on the design and prototype development of scalable systems. Here scalable software is software which can cooperate hundreds or more processes working collectively for a common goal. These processes can be run on one computer with multiple processors, called parallel processing, or be implemented on distributed computing resources on the network, called distributed computing or network computing. When the distributed computing resources include mobile devices, the distributed computing becomes Cloud computing. The distributed resources can work collectively to solve one problem faster, i.e. high-performance computing, or to deliver various services to users, i.e. Cloud computing. The computing resources could be the same, homogeneous computing, or different, heterogeneous computing. An extreme of distributed heterogeneous computing is Cloud computing, where the clients are mobile devices and the servers are data centers, which are equipped with advanced large-scale computer clusters. We have made contributions in various aspects of scalable computing, ranging from scalability analysis theory to computer architecture, from memory and I/O system to mobility middleware. We strive to extract parallel high performance from both existing and cutting-edge technologies and to explore its applications in our daily life. We hope that through our hard work we can positively enhance the human wisdom and improve the quality of life.
Our group meets every week. Group members share the knowledge about the research progress of individual members and make the group up to date with research progress in respective fields. If you think you want to talk with our team members or like to know more about our work, just email the respective group member and we would like to talk to you. If you are a prospective sponsor and interested in knowing more about our work, please contact us.

Stuart Building
Room 112i and 010
10 W. 31st Street
Chicago, Illinois 60616


Phone: +1 312 567 6885