Data Privacy and Security Group @ Illinois Tech

I am looking for self-motivated Ph.D. students to work on Data Privacy and Cybersecurity (RA/TA positions are available!). To apply (Ph.D. in Computer Science), please email me your CV and transcripts. M.Sc. students and Visiting scholars/students are also welcome to contact me.

Ph.D. Students

Meisam Mohammady

Ph.D. Candidate (Co-advised with Dr. Lingyu Wang; 2017-)

Bingyu Liu

Ph.D. Student (2017-)

      B.Sc. UESTC        M.Sc. Illinois Tech

Han Wang

Ph.D. Student (2018-)

M.Sc. Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Shangyu Xie

Ph.D. Student (2018-)

B.Sc. Shanghai Jiaotong University

M.Sc. Students

Li Xu

M.Sc. Student (2018-)

Visiting Scholars

  • Dr. Lan Yao (Associate Professor, Northeastern University, China)


  • Ersin Dincelli (Part-time Research Assistant at SUNY-Albany)      
  •      now Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Univ. of Colorado at Denver
  • Nicholas Rizzo (Undergraduate Research Assistant - SUNY STEM Research Passport Program)
  •      now Ph.D. in SUNY-Albany
  • Ying Zhao (Visiting Student from Jinan University in 2017)
  • Xiulan Peng (Visiting Student from Jinan University in 2017)
  • Ethan Sprissler (Ph.D. student co-advised with Dr. Sanjay Goel)
  •      now full-time lecturer in SUNY-Albany
  • Daniel Ziokowski (Undergraduate Research Assistant - SUNY STEM Research Passport Program)
  •      now in KPMG
  • Nicole Ganz (Undergradudate Honor Thesis Advisee)
  •      now Risk Analyst in PwC

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