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Short Bio

Dr. Yuan Hong is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Illinois Institute of Technology since 2017. He jointly establishes and co-directs the new Master of Cybersecurity program at Illinois Tech in 2019-2020. Prior to joining Illinois Tech, he was an Assistant Professor at SUNY-Albany and one of the founding faculty members of B.Sc and M.Sc in Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity programs. He received his Ph.D degree from Rutgers University (advised by Dr. Jaideep Vaidya) in 2014.

His research interests include Data Privacy (e.g., Differential Privacy and Secure Multiparty Computation), AI Security, and Optimization. He regularly publishes papers in major conferences and journals in the above areas, including security & privacy venues (e.g., CCS, PoPETs, TDSC and TIFS), data & AI venues (e.g., AAMAS, CIKM, EDBT and ICDM), and other venues (e.g., ICDCS, TEM, T-ITS, TMIS, and Operational Research). He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, and his research has been supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF).


  • [08/2020] A paper on attacking system log parsers (adversarial ML) is accepted to CIKM'20. Congrats, Jingyu and Bingyu
  • [06/2020] A paper on optimizing the randomization for differential privacy (DP) is accepted to CCS'20. Congrats, Meisam and Shangyu
  • [06/2020] A paper on identifying visual privacy attributes (ML for Privacy) is accepted to ICPR'20. Congrats, Hanbin
  • [05/2020] A paper on differential privacy (DP) for video analysis is accepted to PoPETs'20. Congrats, Han and Shangyu
  • [04/2020] Yuan will give a tutorial on data privacy in DGO'20 (Digtal Government Research)
  • [04/2020] Yuan will teach CS528 Data Privacy and Security in Fall 2020
  • [03/2020] A paper on real-time privacy preserving energy trading system (MPC) is accepted to ICDCS'20. Congrats, Shangyu and Han
  • [02/2020] A paper on algorithms and applications to weighted rank-one binary matrix factorization paper is accepted to ACM TMIS
  • [01/2020] A paper on real-time privacy preserving double auction (MPC) is accepted to AAMAS'20. Congrats, Bingyu and Shangyu
  • [01/2020] A paper on reinforcement learning for pricing the electric vehicle charging is accepted to T-ITS
  • [12/2019] A paper on sanitizing fine-grained vehicle trajectories (DP) is accepted to TDSC. Congrats, Bingyu, Shangyu, Han and Meisam
  • [11/2019] A paper on local differential privacy (LDP) for video synthesis is accepted to EDBT'20. Congrats, Han
  • [11/2019] Yuan is co-editing a Special Issue on Cyber Forensics at IEEE OJ-COMS: CFP (Due: June 15 2020)
  • [10/2019] Yuan will teach CS549 Cryptography in Spring 2020
  • [09/2019] Yuan is co-editing a Joint Special Section of IEEE TETC (IF: 4.989) and IEEE TDSC (IF: 6.404): CFP
  • [09/2019] A paper on designing the achitecture for improving ORAM performance is accepted to ICCD'19
  • [08/2019] A paper on real-time privacy preserving load balancing system (MPC) paper is accepted to TIFS. Congrats, Shangyu
  • [02/2019] A paper on ensuring data integrity for live forensics in the cloud is accepted to TIFS
  • [01/2019] A paper on privacy preserving load balancing (MPC) paper is accepted to AAMAS'19. Congrats, Shangyu
  • [09/2018] Yuan is invited to give a research talk in HotPrivacy Workshop in Washington DC
  • [07/2018] A paper on network traffic anonymization is accepted to CCS'18. Congrats, Meisam
  • [06/2018] A paper on releasing correlated trajectories (DP) is accepted to TDSC