CS 495/CS 595 Geospatial Vision and Visualization, Fall 2011
Computer Science Department, Illinois Institute of Technology

Time: Tuesday 6:25 – 9:05pm
Professor: Xin Chen, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist at NOKIA Location and Commerce (formerly NAVTEQ)
Description: Geospatial information has become ubiquitous in everyday life, as evidenced by on-line mapping services such as Microsoft Virtual Earth/Bing Map, the recent addition of "place" features on social network websites such as Facebook, and free navigation on Nokia smart phones. Behind the scenes is digital map content engineering that enables all types of location-based services. Course material will be drawn from the instructor's research experience at NAVTEQ, the Chicago-based leading global provider of digital map, traffic and location data. This course will provide comprehensive treatment of computer vision, image processing and visualization techniques in the context of digital mapping, global positioning and sensing, next generation map making, and three-dimensional map content creations. Real world problems and data and on-site industry visits will comprise part of the course curriculum.

Congratulations to our students who won the Xbox Prize at the NAVTEQ Developer Day and who obtained a Fall Semester internship at NOKIA Location and Commerce!