Vijay K. Gurbani is a research associate professor in the Computer Science Department at the Illinois Institute of Technology. In addition to his appointment at Illinois Tech, Vijay also serves as the Chief Data Scientist at Vail Systems and holds a Research Fellowship at University of Luxembourg's SEDAN Research Group.

Prior to Vail Systems, Vijay spent 21 years at Bell Laboratories (owned first by Lucent Technologies, Inc., and then Alcatel-Lucent, and now owned by Nokia). Since 2010 at Bell Labs, he has been involved in the increasing use of machine learning algorithms and techniques to make sense of the data generated by 4G and later, 5G, networks. At Bell Labs, Vijay's work explored multimedia signaling protocols, especially Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the security and privacy aspects of multimedia protocols; the results of these efforts was a general-purpose SIP transaction layer library used to create SIP user agents, proxies, and registrars. This library was subsequently used as the basis for the Lucent Common SIP Stack (CSS), which is currently used in service provider networks of national and international companies and powers their Voice-over-IP solutions.

Vijay has authored or co-authored over 60 papers in peer reviewed journals, conferences and workshops, five books, 19 Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFCs, and been granted 8 patents by the US Patent Office, many of which are also international patents.