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Stefan K. Muller

Stefan Muller

Gladwin Development Chair Assistant Professor

Stuart Building 218E
Computer Science Department
Illinois Institute of Technology
10 W 31st Street
Chicago, IL

I'm an assistant professor in the Computer Science Department at Illinois Institute of Technology. My research broadly aims to use programming language techniques to make it easier to write correct and efficient software in many application domains, especially parallel computing. While the techniques I use to solve these problems are primarily drawn from PL, my interests have touched on algorithm design and computer systems as well. My interest in application domains spans from AI to computer science education.


  • Language and type system design
  • Static resource analysis
  • Parallel computing

Before Illinois Tech:

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Graph Types
Statically approximate the dependency structure of a parallel program, and use this approximation to construct efficient and language-agnostic analyses for important properties of parallel programs.

Responsive Parallelism
Extend elegant models of parallel software to account for important features of interactive programs such as responsiveness and priority.

Resource-aware GPU Programming
Develop tools and analyses to help programmers write more robust, efficient General-Purpose GPU programs.


Students and Researchers


  • Marelle León (BS)
  • Anusha Sonte Parameshwar (MS)
  • Francis Rinaldi (BS 2022; now visiting researcher)
  • Baoshu Feng (visitng researcher)


  • Xiangwei (Shawn) Li (MS) - Now at IGT
  • Deepika Padmanabhan (MCS) - Now at Amazon
  • Aman Luqman (BS) - Now at physIQ
  • Isa Muradli (MS)
  • Pranjal Naik (MCS)
  • My Dinh (BS) - Now at Bloomberg
  • Mark Lou (BS) - Now at American Express
  • Edman Alicea-Marrero (BS)



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Recent publications:



At Illinois Tech

At Carnegie Mellon

  • Summer 2018: 15-150. Principles of Functional Programming.



My wife, Hannah Ringler, is a faculty member in Illinois Tech's Humanities department.


  • Running (still learning routes around Chicago, tell me if you have any favorites!)
  • Homebrewing beer
  • Singing

Fun Facts


Human: English (native), Spanish (intermediate)

Programming: OCaml/Standard ML (fluent), Java (intermediate), Python (for prototypes), HTML/JS (when my website needs a redesign), Bash (working knowledge, except of how to write a for loop, which I need to google every single time), Haskell (beginner), C/C++ (if I really have to)

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