CS 450: Project 3A: Parallel Zip


For this project, you will implement a parallel version of pzip using threads. The project description can be found by following the Github classroom link.

The project is to be done on the Fusion cluster, to which you should already be able to log in (again, see Piazza). Please let us know if you still cannot get in.


This project can be done in teams! You'll want to reflect this in your github classroom setup and in your info.txt for the project.

See here for a hint on how to update the page tables.

Getting the Starter Code

As before, you should go to the Github classroom link posted in Piazza. You should accept the invitation and then go to the link it gives you, and follow the same clone procedure as you did in the previous projects to get the starter code.

Due Dates and Logistics

This project is due Friday, March 15, 2019 at 11:59PM. Late submissions will be penalized as per the syllabus.

Handing In

IMPORANT:Before you hand in, make sure to add (and commit) a file named "info.txt" which contains your full name and e-mail address. If I cannot associate your Github account with you, you cannot expect your code to be graded!

As you go, you should be making commits using git to your local repository (again, if you've not used git, you should go to the link above). When you're ready to hand in your code, you can just run:

[you@machine] make handin
If you have modified files you haven't commited, the handin script will warn you. This handin script actually just invokes git push.

Remember that you will be docked points for late work as per the syllabus.


If you have questions, please first post them on Piazza so others can get the benefit of the instructor/TA's answer. Avoid posting code that will give away your solution or allow others to cheat. If this does not resolve your issue, contact the instructor or TA, or come to office hours.