This course teaches you object-oriented programming using Java as our programming language of choice.

  • Getting started: install Java and familize yourself with tools: here
  • Labs: information about lab assignments: here
  • Lecture: overview of content covered in the lectures: here
  • Project: information about the project: here


Julie Anderson and Hervé J. Franceschi, Java Illuminated, Jones & Bartlett Learning, ISBN-13: 978-1284140996

A good, but more advanced book is Effective Java from Joshua Bloch who implemented parts of Java including the Collections API:

Joshua Bloch, Effective Java, Addison Wesley, ISBN-13: 978-0134685991

Workload and Grading Scheme

Point distribution:

  • Lab assignments (30%) - there are 9 lab assignments
  • Project (10%) - you have to complete a project
  • Midterm Exams (25%) - see here
  • Final Exam (35%) - see here

Grading scheme:

  • 90+ = A
  • 80+ = B
  • 79+ = C
  • 60+ = D
  • < 60 = E

Note that you have to pass the final exam with at least a D, otherwise you will receive an E for the whole course