Agent Jones

Agent Jones!

by Chakree Petpichetchian (student), Daniela Martinez (student) and Dong (Kevin) Jin (advisor)

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Description: This is a single-player game centered on helping secret agent Jones to complete his mission of successfully restoring the electricity in the city. The players will learn about the current power system and future smart grid, as well as the cyber security concerns along the way, with the following storyline.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to the Electric Power Grid System
  • Chapter 2: Future of Power System: Smart Grid Technology & Sustainable Power Sources
  • Chapter 3: Cyber Security Related to the Smart Grid

Target Audience: students in 1st to 12th grade.
Platform: web-based application supported by mobile and tablet.
Programming Language: Javascript / HTML5
Framework: Pixi.js, jquery
Extra features: Uses Facebook API to retrieve a user's profile for their player profile.



The evaluation results based on the feedback from 7 students are as follows:


Future Work

  • To add more chapters and more information on the Smart Grid system
  • To create a database system and create a social media leader board so that players can compete with friends
  • To continue getting feedback from students